Save Me

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Romance and suspense collide into a supernova in this debut, page-turning novel by Kate Duire.

Blamed for a murder she did not commit, Rachel Mussorgsky must fight her fear of the Russian Mafia in order to discover the killer behind her husband’s assassination. Realizing she had married a criminal, Rachel begins to put together the secret life of the man she married. With her heart broken, she must battle her demons while trying to stay alive to protect what was left of her shattered life- her innocent daughter. With everything to lose, will she be able to discover the identity of her husband’s murderer before it is too late? Rachel must decide if she can trust a man she barely knows to help her. Jose Morales, a retired cop with a private security company, wants to take care of her and offers his security services. Unaware of the dangers that lie ahead, Rachel must rely on her instincts and a man she barely knows to stay one step ahead of the ruthless killer who is determined to find her.

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